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August 13, 2009

In a mostly positive article about the ''Extraordinary Form'' coming to a new church, The Catholic Free Press highlights how it can improve the English side of the parish: ''The extraordinary form Catholics are being enriched by having the advantages of full parish life. And the ordinary form Catholics are being enriched by the sudden occurrence of this beautiful liturgy with full sung Masses.''
Latin Mass a regular

August 18, 2009

This is an interesting article about the true intentions of Swedish Television when interviewing Bishop Williamson, as reported by a Swedish newspaper. A previous interviewee has come forward to declare the news program inherently unfair and biased. The author reasons that the ''bias of this specific TV-programme that has a method of working that is deeply unprofessional from a journalistic and ethical perspective as it just aims for sensation.''
Swedish TV Journalist Refuses to Give Testimony in Germany

September 12, 2009

There were no injuries reported at Saint Michael's SSPX parish in Mandan, ND when a man destroyed a statue and then caused a disturbance. Police later discovered a cache of weapons in the man's truck. He is currently being held without bond on the charge of ''class C felony terrorizing''.
Man Terrorizes SSPX Sunday Mass

September 15, 2009

While initially reported by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna that the SSPX would meet with the Vatican in the next few days, French newspaper Le Figaro has reported that the meetings won't take place until October. This raises speculation about the other claims the cardinal made, such as expecations for ecumenicism and that discussions involving the Second Vatican Council were ''not negotiable.''
SSPX To Meet With Vatican In October